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Forms & Permits

Vital Record Forms

How to purchase a Certified Copy of Marriage and/or Death Record (56kb)
Form_to_Request_Vital Record.pdf (148 kb)


Marriage/Remarriage/Civil Union/Reaffirmation of Civil Union Form

DOTMarriage License Application Form (April 2019) (28 kb)


Raffle/Social Affair Forms

PDF Procedures_for_Raffle_Permits.pdf (532 kb)
PDF Rockleigh_Raffle License.pdf (81 kb)
PDF Statement of Raffles Equip Supplier Lessor.pdf (444 kb)
PDF Special_Permit_for_Social_Affair.pdf (1.3 mb)
PDF Application_to_Amend_a_Raffle (35 kb)
PDF Report_of_Operations_Form_with_Instructions (78 kb)
PDF Fee Schedule (66 kb)


OPRA Forms

PDF OPRA_request_form.pdf (136 kb)


Building Department Forms & Permits

Sign_Application_2022.pdf (449 kb)
Subdivision_Application_2022.pdf (465 kb)

PDF Non-Residential_Land_Use_App_2022.pdf (592 kb)

PDF Residential_Land_Use_Application_2022 (572 kb)

PDF Swimming_Pool_Application.pdf (1.34 mb)

PDF Solar_Panels_App_2022.pdf (536 kb)


Board of Health Forms

2023-Dog-Cat-Applicaton.pdf (84 kb)
PDF Hoofed_Animal_Permit.pdf (1.4 mb)


Other Forms &Permits

PDF Rockleigh_Filming_Permit.pdf (16 kb)
PDF Application_for_Peddler_Solicitor_Transient_Merch.pdf (19 kb)

PDF Ordinance_10-01-05.pdf (115 kb)
PDF Ordinance_2010-7.pdf (15 kb)


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