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Rockleigh History

This is Rockleigh—population approximately 500. Here you may stroll colonial roads where Revolutionary troops once marched. Rockleigh’s landmarks lie within a 246.45 acre historic district, and lie adjacent to the historic district of Palisades, New York. We are traditionally connected to this area by Rockleigh Road. Once part of the Old Rockland Neighborhood, Rockleigh’s colonial history became the history of New York until 1769 when the boundary line with New Jersey was settled after a long and bitter dispute. During the Revolutionary War the area remained steeped in conflict between patriot and Tory.

The District area is rural in character with large open field and meadow areas, natural glens and dense wooded tablelands that extend from the eastern side of the borough up to the top of the Palisades ridge. Occasional small waterfalls spill over the steeper inclines and drain into the Sparkill Brook which interwinds throughout the entire district. The woods provided a sanctuary for various species of birds, Red and Gray Fox, Raccoon, Deer and smaller wildlife.

The historic districts of Rockleigh, New Jersey and Palisades, New York are today what Old Rockleigh Neighborhood was. During the Revolution War, General Washington ordered a fortified military post to be established at Snedens Landing, as it was the American Commander’s belief that Lord Howe might attempt to invade New Jersey by way of Snedens Landing. The post was garrisoned by 500 men under Major John Clark. Both Rockleigh and Piermont Roads were used by troops coming to and from the landing. There are twenty three historic buildings still standing in “Old Rockland Neighborhood” today.