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Mayor & Council Agendas 2022

PDF January_3_2022_Sine_Die.pdf

PDF January_3_2022_Re-Org.pdf


Mayor & Council Agendas 2021

PDF Agenda_Sine-Die_01-04-2021.pdf

PDF Agenda_Re-Org_01-04-2021.pdf

PDF MC_02-01-2021_Agenda.pdf

PDF MC_02-10-2021_Agenda.pdf

PDF MC_03-01-2021_Agenda.pdf

PDF MC_03-10-2021_Agenda.pdf

PDF MC_Agenda_05-03-2021.pdf

PDF MC_Agenda_06-07-2021.pdf

PDF MC_Agenda_07-12-2021.pdf

PDF MC_Agenda_08-02-2021.pdf

PDF MC_Agenda_09-08-2021.pdf

PDF MC_Agenda_10-04-2021.pdf

PDF MC_Agenda_11-01-2021.pdf

PDF MC_Agenda_12-06-2021.pdf


Mayor & Council Ordinances 2021

PDF Ordinance_2021-1.pdf

PDF pn2021-3_salary_ordinance

PDF pn2021-4_Marijuana-Cannabis_Prohibition

PDF Ordinance_2021-5

PDF Ordinance_2021-6

Mayor & Council Agendas 2020

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_04-06-2020.pdf (666 KB)

PDF MC Agenda May 4 2020 (469 kB)

PDFMC_agenda_08-03-2020_(609 kB)

PDF MC_agenda_09-09-2020 (646 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_10-05-2020 (608 kB)

PDF MC_Agenda_11-02-2020.pdf

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_12-07-2020.pdf

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_12-21-2020.pdf


Mayor & Council Ordinances 2020

PDF 2020-1_Bond_Ordinance_Willow_Ave_Adoption.pdf (2.22 MB)

PDFOrdinance_2020-5_(15.5 mB)

PDF MC_12-21-2020_Ordinance_2020-7.pdf

PDF MC_12-21-2020_Ordinance_2020-8.pdf



Mayor & Council Agendas 2018

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_01-01-2018 (507 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_01-03-2018_ReOrg (1.09 MB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_02-05-2018 (524 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_02-13-2018 (220 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_03-05-2018 (639 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_04-02-2018 (794 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_05-07-2018 (875 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_06-04-2018 (811 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_07-02-2018 (734 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_08-06-2018 (588 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_09-10-2018 (782 kB)



Mayor & Council Agendas 2017

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_01-04-2017 (337 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_01-04-2017_ReOrg (1.5 MB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_02-06-2017 (350 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_02-08-2017 (223 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_03-06-2017 (763 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_04-03-2017 (346 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_05-01-2017 (340 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_05-18-2017 (325 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_06-05-2017 (350 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_07-05-2017 (331 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_08-07-2017 (330 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_09-06-2017 (527 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_11-06-2017 (778 kB)

PDF Agenda_MayorCouncil_12-04-2107 (745 kB)

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Mayor & Council Agendas 2016

PDF Minutes_Sine Die_01_04_2016.pdf (299 KB)

PDF Minutes_01_04_2016.pdf (848 KB)

PDF Minutes_02_01_2016.pdf (254 KB)

PDF Minutes_03_07_2016.pdf (568 KB)

PDF Minutes_04_04_2016.pdf 1.27 MB)

PDF Minutes_05_02_2016.pdf (368 KB)

PDF Minutes_06_06_2016.pdf (184 KB)

PDF Minutes_07_06_2016.pdf (3.03 MB)

PDF Minutes_08_01_2016.pdf (150 KB)

PDF Minutes_09_07_2016.pdf (208 KB)

PDF Minutes_10_03_2016.pdf (1.57 MB)

PDF Minutes_11_07_2016.pdf (1.14 MB)

PDF Minutes_12_05_2016.pdf (1023 KB)

Viewing of forms requires Adobe® Reader®.
Download it here for free.