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Patrick Wilkins
Tax Assessor
Phone: 201-768-4217
Fax: 201-768-3355

Kunjesh Trivedi
CFO/Tax Collector
Phone: 201-297-7389

Tax Department

Finance and Tax Offices
Kunjesh Trivedi is the C.F.O., Tax Collector Finance, and the Borough’s Chief Financial Officer. His responsibilities include all financial records, investments and reports. He can be reached at (201) 297-7389

Tax Collector
Responsibilities include collection of all property taxes, which are due quarterly on the first of February, May, August and November with a ten (10) day grace period. Please advise the Borough by call (201) 297-7389 or if a mortgage company or bank holds your mortgage so we may so indicate on our records.

Tax Assessor
Responsibilities include assessment of all Borough properties. Your current assessed value is maintained until a complete Borough revaluation occurs or you modernize or add to your home. Includes additions, decks, fireplaces, central air conditioning, etc.

Tax Bool
2021 Tax Book

Tax Information
Borough of Rockleigh Property Tax Information Search

Property Tax Relief Programs From the State on New Jersey

Senior Deduction Form and Veteran Deduction Forms

Open Book Night (Tax Assessor)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE 2020 Tax List will be open for public inspection at the Borough Offices, 26 Rockleigh Road, Rockleigh, NJ between the hours of 5:00PM to 6:00PM on Monday, December 14, 2020. Opportunity will be given to review the assessments on Land and Building in the Borough of Rockleigh for the year 2020.

Patrick Wilkins, Assessor
Borough of Rockleigh

2016 Annual Financial Statement

Please see the PDF document below for more information.

PDF Annual_Financial_Statement_2016_UA.pdf (1.83 MB)